Originating from Los Angeles, Brooklyn based photographer Shaun Lucas captures the banalities in American Culture. His uncanny portraiture pays a tribute to his former pageant Mother who encouraged his need for “artistic” expression. Due to his appetite for vanity and leisure, he explores the various quintessential social groups embodied in America. He documents suburban lifestyle that portrays many facets of life ranging from the intimacy of interpersonal relationships to the deeply rooted subcultures. Attracted to society’s construction of land, Lucas exposes the artifice in subdivisions and man-made environments. While exploring different social groups, he captures American ideologies such as gun culture, motifs, and consumerism. Interested in how people adapt and mirror their environment, he creates a new perspective to mundane subjectivity. His vivid sunny California palette reflects his satirical personality. When not shooting with his medium format camera, Shaun prefers to travel and lounge out in the sun.

BFA Photography - School of Visual Arts 2015